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If you love Chelsea's Collections, or are even just after a bit of pocket money to treat yourself, then sign up to our affiliate programme. 

You will start with being paid 10% of every sale recorded through your link. Commission rates will increase with the more times your link is used. Payments are made via either PayPal or Bank Transfer on the 1st of every month. Chelsea will contact you for your details if none are provided. 

You can track your sales with your own dashboard. You can also change your referral link to your name to make it more personal. There are no targets whatsoever, and simply no recruiting.

Once you are ready, you can sign up and start sharing straight away - CLICK HERE

Once you have signed up, you can request to join our Facebook group where we will share tips for sales, have secret sales, first access to brand new stock, learn about the business and make new friends! CLICK HERE TO JOIN

This is currently only available to U.K residents. Any questions, please drop us an email.

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